The History of Java Programming

One of the most used programming languages is java programming, those who wish to land a decent job in the programming world, this a must have. This high-level language originated from Indonesia; it was meant to be used by a tourist who visited the country. James Gosling was the man behind this great mind of java programming. It is the best programming language to learn for web development.


This is a language that allows all people who had a computer and all digital devices to communicate easily, and this has changed the world it is not just an internet language it has widely been used in programming mobile devices. We can say Java is a high language of the c and c++ language, and it is one of the simplest languages to learn and understand with less library function and call functions. Java is a responsive language which runs in all devices. The idea Java is developed on is Write once run Anywhere.


Java developed updates like other languages back in 1999 which was named Java 2.  This was a hung update done by Java having to undertake several configurations which enabled it not only to be compatible with the internet but also most devices and developments of mobile applications.


One of the great thing about Java is that its originality was no-cost programming which was due to its sudden popularity. Java didn’t start making a profit from selling it lines as any other developing technology. We can say this has changed the world of programming and in 2006 the company release and open software version to its clients and all users. Oracle Corporation took sun microsystem which programmed java, but the company Oracle maintains that Java is for the world.


This language made a major contribution to the design of graphical user interface. The c++ language only worked for windows environment but didn’t work on UNIX systems or the mackintoshes. This language enables users to add little call function and can operate easily on all the devices. In conclusion, we can say Java has made a lot of improvement that has help the user and made the programming world one of an easy and enjoyable field.